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J2ME and Bluetooth (May 05,2004)

J2ME complete reference. (April 22, 2004)

MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0 (April 20,2004)

The links and references to the resources discussed in the article J2ME and the 6600

Forum Nokia

Nokia developer website.

J2ME Wireless Tool Kit 2.1

The most upto date version of the WTK at the time of writing.

Mobile Internet Device Profile

See the specification for MIDP 2.0 (JSR 118).

The Nokia 6600

Mobile Phone Specification.


The Mobile Media API (JSR 135)

Wireless Messaging API

Ben Hui on Bluetooth

Read the documentation on how to configure your WTK to make use of the bluetooth api, then download bluechat (also available on this site).

The BlueTooth Specification

Deploying Wireless Java Applications

A guide to the bluetooth technology on the java developer network

The Series 60 MIDP SDK 2.0 for Sybmian Os

Wow that's quite a mouthfull of abbreviations isn't it. This SDK is quite painfull to use

Known issues in 6600

Reading this document may save you countless hours of debugging time and your hair because there are numerous known issues.


Also see: Java links and GPRS and pppd links


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