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The Lean and Mean SFTP applet

The Rad Inks Secure FTP applet is a pure java SSH FTP client with a graphical user interface. though packed with features it weighs in at just 150kb

The Jakarta project

The home of tomcat,jmeter and some other exciting java projects

Java certification resources

Rad Upload

A drag and drop file uploader with progress bar. Give your site's visitors a more user friendly file upload mechanism

The Synth Look and Feel

An article at on using the Synth Look and Feel

JSVN - A Java Subversion Client

If you are using subversion as your version control system and you want a GUI, try this one

SourceForge :: Rad Image

The sourceforge projects page for Rad Image - an open sourece java image manipulation suite.

SourceForge :: Open Exam

Project page for open exam at Open exam is a java based exam design and test administrations engine.

Design Patterns in java


Date and Time Difference (Nov 07,2004)

Java5 Bug?. (Oct 09, 2004)

Object Oriented PHP vs java (Aug 09,2004)

Speech Recognition - Alternative Tokens (Apr 10, 2004)


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