By now you know that linux based operating systems are the best around. Since you learned addition and substraction in school you wouldn't fall for Microsoft's story about how something that's very expensive has a lower cost of ownership than something you get for free. You also know that 3GB of RAM costs more than 1GB. If you want to pay for OS and expensive hardware you will probably by a Mac.

With your supposed lower cost of owner ship OS, you need to pay for support but with linux there is plenty of free support out there. What's more there with most unix like operating systems is that you get loads of interesting articles to read. This site hopes to add to that clutter.

A Fedora RAID

Set up a RAID system on a Fedora Core installation. Rev it up by swapping out into a striped device

Linux Professionals Institute Certification

Get a piece of paper to show that you really know your stuff. Try your hand at LPIC

Make do without FTP

How to use telnet as a substitute for FTP

The case of the missing errors

Though linux based systems have so few errors, errno.h still plays a key role in compiling apps. You get loads of errors when this file goes missing.

How fast is that hard drive

SATA, IDE, SATA II - it's all the same really.

on qmail

bye bye sendmail. Life has been blissfull since discovering qmail

grrr. that tarball messed up my file system.

How often do you find yourself with a tar.gz or zip file that expands in the current directory instead of creating it's own sub directory? You are left with a big mess to clean up. Try this shell script to get a little help.

Upgrade to the 2.6 kernel

The real joy isn't in compiling the kernel, but in solving the mystery of the dead speaker