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Linux Professional’s Institute Exam

If you are looking for a linux certification but don’t want to spend thousands on dollars as exam fees LPI is for you. Currently two levels of certification are available. As you might guess they are called LPI Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is fairly easy, though not as easy as the sample questions on the website make you think.

You do need a bit of experience before attempting LPI level 2, though the exam is tougher they have lost it a bit when it comes to quality. Some of the questions in my exams were a bit ‘book wormish’ which is quite unessacary. Some of the questions had absoloutely no relation to the stated objectives. but still the exam does test your knowlegde.

One of the biggest obstacles to anyone attempting the LPI is that you don’t encounter so many practice tests as you might find for sun certification exams. LPI site itself does not provide any except 10 questions which are really a lot easier than the actual exam questions.

That’s why i decided to create the open source test application you find on this site. You can use this program to create practice tests for your own use or for publication. I haven’t made any practice exams myself except a couple of samples with a very small number of questions.

More about open exam….

Footnote: This page is almost from the last millenium, but I think that’s obvious.

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