Wireless PPPD Links


6630 and GPRS easy connect woes (March 05,2005)

6630 - first impressions. (March 02, 2005)

MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0 (April 20,2004)

GPRS Easy Connect

A tool that will generate a the chat scripts needed to establish a GPRS connection on your linux computer. Beware that installation of easy connect is not so easy.

GPRS Howto

Explains how easy it is to start setup a GPRS connection with pppd (even without easy connect)

GPRS over bluetooth, irda usb and what not.

Another article that explains how you can set up a GPRS connection with all kinds of cables and even without cables (if your phone supports IRDA or bluetooth).

linux USB

If you are connecting with a USB cable (to a phone with or with out wires) this site is worth looking at (unless you have seen it before)

jUSB: Java USB

A really ancient java USB API.

The official websites for PPP

now why is it that there are only three Ps and not six?


The other side of the coin, if you are using a phone that is immobile wvdial is pretty usefull.


Also see: Java and J2ME links