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A File uploader with progress bar - FAQ.
What is Mega Upload
Mega Upload is a file uploader with a progress monitor. There are three separate editions for the three most popular web programming languages PHP/Perl/JSP
What is the cost of it?
zed, zero,zilch. You can download and use it for free. But don't delete the copyright notice.
Can I integrate it with my own applications?
If I integrate it with my own applications that I sell? do I need to make it open source?
No. However you must still give the source code to megaupload to all your clients. You need not make your own application open source. You cannot remove or change the copyright notice from the megaupload code.
Do you offer support?
No. You can make use of the message boards at sourceforge to ask questions about the project.
I found a bug, what do i do?
You can either report it with the bug reporting tool at sourceforge or even better you can fix it youself (the code is really simple) and mail me the fix or post it to the message boards.
Does the JSP edition work with tomcat? or resin
Yes I have tested on both these servlet engines, I have not tested on any of the hugely over priced commercial application servers that are no where as good as these two.
Can I install the php edition without placing files in the cgi-bin?
Yes. Place an AddHandler cgi-script .cgi directive in a .htaccess file in the same folder that you choose to install the scripts.
What about an ASP edition
ASP? what's that? is it Something called Apache Server Pages?
Can megaupload handle hundreds of concurrent uploads?
Unless you have a very very expensive server the answer is no. That's because the progress bar has to keep refreshing every few seconds. That causes a hit on the server.
How does megaupload compare with Rad Upload
I wrote both of them. you decide
What improvements have you planned.
While the raw post data handling and IO in perl is very good it certainly wasn't designed with megaupload in mind. Megaupload written in C would be a much more robust than the current version. (does not apply to JSP edition). So that's what on the plan for version 2. I will post a new page on this site sometime soon with a detailed road map.
Sometime you spell it as megaupload and sometimes you spell it as Mega Upload what's the current spelling.
I have done some enhancements can it be included in the project
This is the whole idea behind open source. It's a community effort. I will be delighted to include your contribution giving you full credit for it.