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Clean up Spilled Tar.

The case of the missing errors.

Out of the Sandbox.

Within six weeks from the date of it's first release megaupload has become a top 1% project at sourceforge.

The original PHP edition made use of perl's ability to directly deal with raw POST data. The post data would be saved to a temporary file and the progress bar will periodicaly check the size of it to determine what percentage has been uploaded.

The perl code that does all this has been extracted and released separately so that perl developers can make use of it as well. In keeping with the Rad Inks tradition the code is a mere 6 Kilo Bytes in size. Follow the download link below to get the source or see the online demo.

Since cookies are not being used a few lines of code has been added to the code to generate reliable unique identifiers Logo 

PHP Edition

JSP/Servlet Edition

perl Edition