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A few questions were asked on the message board about using megaupload with SSL. Is it even possible? yes. What additional configuration steps are involved? none.

If you are using the perl or JSP edition you do not need to make any special configuration settings or modify the code in anyway to upload files over SSL (TLS). Of course you do need to have Apache+SSL, mod_ssl etc set up correctly. Having enabled SSL in your webserver All you need to do is to change the protocol of the URLS from http:// to https://

It is worth pointing out that HTTPS may not be the ideal proctocol for file upload. Even though a symetric key does bulk of the work in data encryption (after the initial handshakes), it does take up a certain amount of extra processing power and and memory.

As with the perl and JSP editions, 1.40 or newer versions of the PHP edition does not require any special settings. The older versions are a little bit more complicated. That's because the POST program used to transfer handling from the perl script to the php script does not support HTTPS.

At the time of writing this article, 1.3x is still considered the stable version while 1.4x is still experimental. That means you may still want to use 1.3x. It seems the obvious solution is to modify the code so that instead of using the POST program, the upload.cgi script uses the HTTPS perl module to transfer handling to the PHP script.

While this solution will work, it's not the simplest solution. In most of the installations the perl script and the php script will be on the same server. If so, it's perfectly safe to post to localhost without using SSL. Since none of the packets will ever sneak out through the network card, it cannot be snooped on.

Thus in short, even with the 1.3x branches all you need to do is change your HTML so that the form handler changes from http to https. Indeed for any version or any branch of megaupload that's all you need to enable SSL uploads.

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