on mySQL

perl, mysql and blobs

There are plenty of articles on blobs, many more on perl and a countless number on mysql but very few on using mysql blob fields with perl

A comparision of data types in pgsql and mysql

A collections of articles that compares the behaviour and functionality of Postgresql and Mysql, an ideal companion to the online migration tool.

The case of the missing errors

A problem that is commonly encountered when compiling mysql from source is an error about missing errors.

Installing the php mysqli extension

PHP5 includes the so called 'improved mysql extension' but there's plenty of room for improving the installation process. (php5 beta)

Expect to see a lot of new content on this page shortly.

Mysql 2 PostgreSQL

A web based convertor to migrate your mysql database to postgreSQL and a Guide

Hunting for primes with MySQL

Implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes as a stored procedure