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Are you a lecturer or a student? do you need to prepare examinations for your students? or maybe you are a student who would like to create some mock exams for practising? Then Open Exam is for you.

It’s an open source exam delivery application written in java. It was originaly created because the author needed some mock exam practice for LPI (linux professional’s instiute) exam and there weren’t that many mock exams around at the time.

Open exam consists of both an exam designer and a test delivery agent. Both have graphical user interfaces developed using swing.

Since XML is used heavily in data storage and procesing. You can create a test with the open exam designer and import it into another application if needed. Please look at some of the samples tests provided with the download to get an idea about how it works.


you can download it here…. Logo


Footnote: This project was created in the early 2000s and by 2012 it has well and truely become abandonware.

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