Installation Checklist.

Check if perl 5 is installed.

Perl 5 or higher. is required for the successfull execution of Mega Upload PHP version. You can out which version of perl is intalled by typing in perl -v at the command prompt. The demo that you see on this site utilizes perl 5.8

What is the path to perl?

The first line of each perl scripts specifies the path to perl.

Type which perl at the console to find your perl installation path. This may be different from the path specified in the scripts (/usr/local/bin/perl). Please edit the first line of each perl script to make the changes.

Confirm that the required perl modules are intalled.

If perl is installed, perl LWP modules are likely to be installed. The full list of required modules include Fcntl,CGI,Cookie and Carp. All these are typically installed along with perl. You can find out if they have been installed by typing.

perl -MCGI -e 1
perl -MCarp -e 1
perl -MLWP -e 1
perl -MFcntl -e 1
perl -MCookie -e 1

As with all well behaved linux apps, the above commands will not produce any output if the modules have been installed.

If they have not been installed please download them from CPAN and follow the instructions for installing them. The installation of these modules are straight forward and can be completed even by a newbie.

is POST installed?

POST is part of the LWP package. You can find out if this has been installed by typing which POST at the console. If it is not installed you will have to recompile the LWP modules to install it. Instructions are available with the LWP documentation.

Have you set the correct permissions for the scripts?

This one is very obvious but often overlooked. You can set the correct permissons for the perl scripts with the command chmod oug+x *cgi. You will also need to chmod 777 cgi-bin to set the correct permissions on the CGI folder.

Also make sure that you have write permission on the /tmp/ directory. Don't forget to update the header.cgi file if you choose a different location for your temp files.