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This is a four part tutorial that will take you through the steps involved in building a web client for FTP. We build our client not with the FTP api in php but from the ground up, as a result our client will work even when php has been compiled without the -enable-ftp option

Code samples are scattered through out the tutorial, however after it was completed several improvements were made to the code, and the project was taken over by Rad Inks. You can download the improved version for sourceforge.net.

Part 1: An Introduction

We look at establishing a new connection, login and some basic commands. A previously published article that takes a quick look at FTP commands would make an ideal prefix but it's not mandatory.

Part 2: The architecture of our client.

What exactly is a web based FTP client anyway? part two of our article answers this question and also continues work on our client by adding downloading functionality.

Part 3: Directory Management

Let's take the client one step closer to a complete product by adding directory manipulation capabilities.

PHP Part 4: Finishing up.

The last article in this series finishes of our FTP class by adding the missing pieces including upload and rename functions.

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  Part 1   Introduction ,   Data Connection ,   Directory List ,   demo
  Part 2   Architecture ,   Downloading ,   Demo ,   Sessions
  Part 3   CWD ,   CDUP ,   Where am I? ,   Prune and Graft
  Part 4   Upload ,   Rename ,   Delete,   No operation