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Mega Upload - Progess Indicator for PHP file Uploads

Since it's release megaupload has become a hot project at sourceforge. This simple solution to an age old php problem has seen over 3000 downloads during the first 50 days of it's life time.

Building an FTP client with PHP

PHP being such a versatile language to work with and FTP being such a simple protocol would tempt anyone to attempt an FTP client from the ground up. This four part article will introduce you to the protocol and help you build you own client. Sample code is included.

Prime Number Hunter

Sieve of Eratosthenes implementation.

The Java Extension

Getting started with the PHP Java extension.

Sneak past the PHP upload limits

How to sneak past the settings in your php.ini file that limits the file uploads - with out changing php.ini

readfile vs include

Including files in PHP scripts - a comparision.

Saving Session data on a database.

Unless you store your sessions in a database your web application cannot be load balanced across multiple servers.

The case against templates

Why you should not use the so called template engines

URL Wrapppers


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