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We have been walking together trying to add postgresql support for Rad User Manager. The good news is that we have largely achieved what we set out to do, all that remains is for us to download the code.

Rad User 2.11 is the version that is compatible with mysql databases but not with postgres. Please download it first. Then apply each of the patches successfully. They are incremental patches, if you want to sucessfully applies the second patch you need to apply the first one. Similiary in order to apply the third patch the, first and second patches have to be applied before hand. By applying them you avoid having to do a search and replace, which as we all know is not the safest thing to do with source code.

Rad User 2.11
Download the main tarball from SourceForge
Patch 1
Changes mysql_query to db_query - a function that is described in the third step of this guide. It also includes the SQL for creating the postgres database.
Patch 2
Queries are changed to do away with calls to the password() function (Ynless of course you explictly set the $user_password_function variable to 1)
Patch 3
Changed the function call used to manipulate the ResultSet
Patch 4
Version 2.11 of the user managed had several queries that were written in a mysql specific format, one that is not supported by postgres, they have been changed along with the way timestamps are computed.
Patch 5
A more compatible error logging system added. Currval is now used to retrieve insert ids.
Version 2.12
This is what you get when all the patches above have been applied in sequence. The main features of the application can be used. It may or may not cause your dog to sneeze.


  Part 1:   Getting Started   ,   The Schema   ,   Queries
  Part 2:   Passwords   ,   Times Up   ,   Errors   ,   Download