This was once a wiki

This part of the site was once a wiki that was introduced to make the site more interactive. Rather than just reading through the articles, you could make your own contributions or change what you don't like.

For a short while things went smoothly. Then spammers took over. I found that for each legitimate edit there were atleast 500 spams. My not keeping the wiki sofware (mediawiki) upto date certainly didn't help. But if you have worked with mediawiki you will know that it's not the easiest software to keep updated.

If you find that your favourite technology is being bashed, you can no longer edit that article and add a few kind words. Instead you have to gnash your teeth. If on the other hand you find that a technology that is being praised to high heaven does not meet your expections, you can no longer edit it to bring it back down to earth.


Mega Upload J 0.40 released (
Version 0.40 of the JSP edition includes a fix for an annoying bug.

Log Mine 0.01 released (
The first release of the web log mining tool.

A comparision of mySQL and Postgresql

Online convertor
Making up the numbers
Basic Administration
Strange characters
Date and Time
mySQL to postgres - hands on migration guide

Recent Additions to the wiki

The case against templates
PHP readfile vs include
Megaupload installation guide
Migrate from MoveableType to easy moblog
Minining the web server log file

Recent Additions to this website

Java-Javascript Interaction
The PHP Java Extension
Web Based FTP