LogMine Install

Database Installation

Create a database on your mysql or postgresql server and use the db.sql script

included in this folder to create the necessary tables. (At the moment the postgresql support is broken). Then you need to create a user account for your database with insert,update and select privileges on this database.

Edit the common.php file to reflect these settings. Then you are done!

Script Installation

Move all but the splittables.php script to your webspace. Create a folder named tmp/ with in this folder and change it's permissions so that the web server can write to it.

Importing Log Files

Open splittables.php in your editor and change the $tmpDir variable to point to a folder, on a partition with plenty of disk space. Change the $mask variable to reflect the file extension of your logfile. Run the splittables.php script to parse the log files. Then run the rebuild.php script to create the pages and referrer reports.