Toast Motherboards and Macbooks.

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I have been coming up with various excuses for delaying the purchase of a macbook. One of them is pretty valid. It cost an Outrageous 153,000 rupees in Colombo while it costs only about 115,000 Rupees in the US and about 122,000 in Singapore. With people as reluctant as they have ever been to fly, you can buy a return ticket to Singpore, buy the macbook and still have a few rupees left over.

Unfortunately my need is more urgent. I call the BT Options (local dealers) office and asked for a discount, They offered 10% for cash payment. No discounts for credit cards. Who can blame them, the government is conciously and unconciously encouraging cash payments over credit card payments. They are very keen to drag the country back to the dark ages.

So I said, I will come over and pick up a macbook immidately. The lady at the other end of the line said, I need to call the showroom and ask them if they have stocks. They don't You have to make your payment and wait 10 days to recieve the darned thing. Well!! Since the situation is desparate (i'm with out a computer after all) I asked to buy an IMac. They don't have that in stock either. In fact they don't have anything!

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