Bigma for Birding.

2007 Aug 21 at 20:48 » Tagged as :photography, security,

he previous weekend I took my Bigma to Seru Kele. I had a little bit of fun managed to shoot a few good ones. before I bought this lens, I was told by several experts that 500 mm isn't really long enough for birding. I readily agreed with them, but then I get a 1.5x multiplication because of the Nikon D crop factor. That means the lense is a 75-750 lens rather than a 50-500mm

Even so 750mm isn't really good enough if the bird small and is a fair distance away. It's pretty good for Comorants, Egrets, Pelicans and darters. Not so good for King Fishers, Pipits and Lapwings.

Seru Kele is a place in the dry zone with a few small lakes, lots of birds and few people. They are all interrelated. Obviously the dry zone is not as comfortable to live in as the wet zone and it doesn't have enough water to sustain a large population.

There are thousands of small man made lakes scattered around the dry zone to help these people whose primary source of income is cultivation. Rice cultivation in particular needs a lot of water, followed by a dry spell before the harvesting season.

Birds find paddy fields and lakes, specially ones that are just about to dry up, specially attractive.

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