Enough of Blogshares


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I Have been on blogshares for nearly 5 months and I think that's more than enough, but yet, I am having trouble breaking away from it. I joined initially to try to get some links and traffic to this blog. That has not happened. Worse still, traffic has actually tapered off because I haven't been posting as often as I should. The reason, all my spare time (and some time that I cannot spare have been taken up by Blogshares).

The worst of the time wasting happened during the so called Preparation H or the Friday the thirteenth war. I left Untouchables as soon as that was over with. While I was playing Solo I recieved invitations from Aliens and Renegade Players to join them. Yes, it was the renegades who were hitting our holdings really hard and spreading false rumors about the Untouchables. They wanted me to throw in my lot with them. As if I would.

Then I received an invite from Token Non Premium and I was tempted to join. It would not have been proper for me to join them without re-joining the Untouchables first. So I did. Then I was invited back into the SWAT of the Untouchables as well, so I am now part of three corporations.

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