Debian worse than Fedora?

2008 Aug 8 at 01:13 » Tagged as :religion, video,

Installing Firefox 3 (Iceweasel 3, if you want to call it that) on Debian turned out to be a very painfull task. Memories fade but I don't recall things being that difficult on Fedora. The trouble didn't end when the installation was completed, in fact, it was just the beginning. I am beginning to regret dumping Fedora in favor of debian.

After FF was put in I found that I couldn't click on many of the shortcuts to folders on my desktop. Well, I could click on it but the folder wouldn't open, a dialog would pop up asking me with what I wanted to open that 'file'. Crazy, it seems that during the FF3 installation, apt had removed both nautilus and konqueror!!!

I had to go back and reinstall them and a few more besides which had been pulled out by apt. On top of that whenever I try to upgrade an existing package or a new package I keep getting a warning that the package's authenticity has not been verified.