Sound and Flash Movies.

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Having sorted out the problem with sounds on MythTv it's time to turn my attention to flash movies - they are playing fine on my Fedora 10 installation but with out the sound. Before upgrading to F10 I had flash setup correctly. I did so by adding the adobe repository to YUM, installing the RPM and running� 'mozilla-plugin-config' to make Adobe's 32bit plugin compatible with the 64 bit browser. Now it's gone mute.

It is suggested on some sites (eg mjmwired , Chitlesh Goorah) that you need to install the the libflashsupport rpm. Only trouble with that is the fact that there isn't such an RPM for F10. Come to think of it, I suspect the whole reason for sound to be disabled on flash videos is because the installer would have marked the package as being obsolete and removed it.

So what I did to solve the problem was to install it right back from the Fedora 9 DVD. And once the browser was restarted, I find that flash videos do play with the sounds on.

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