A few wordpress issues here and there

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This blog is pretty old now, it's origins date back to 2004 In the early days it was hosted on blogger and then on this site itself through MovableType and then finally it moved from MT to Wordpress. Though I had blogged about WP even as far back as 2006, the actual move wasn't made until 2008

In the early days the posts were identified by their numbers (/archives/%post_id%.html is the format as you can see from the links above). Then I wanted to switch links where the post was identified by title  (/archives/%postname%.html)   . I tried a few plugins for that before settling in the Advanced Permalinks plugin. I initially had a few teething problems with it but managed to make it work the way I wanted it to; that is older posts should still have the post id while the new ones should have the title in the post like this: http://www.raditha.com/blog/archives/solving-the-permalink-migration-mystery..html

Then all of a sudden it stopped working. The posts seemed to revert to the old numeric format, this happened around post number 3003 which was nearly an year ago, but I had lost a bit of interest in blogging at the time so it wasn't until today that I had figured it out. The reason? I had set the end ID too low in the Advanced Permalinks settings page!

Now I need to figure out why the feed and the next, prev links on the listings don't work anymore.

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