Down from three computers to two computers.

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Just a few weeks back I mentioned that I had three computers. It never pays to boast because now I am down to two. For a very brief period, I was actually down to just one. All three of them had failed at different times and two of them went together. But two of them have been restored. The travails caused by one of these is the topic of a recent post. That box was my media/file server. It died. It's been sick for a long time but finally threw in the towel just over a month ago. Cause of death; a faulty motherboard.

There after it was the turn of the second computer, my desktop. Fortunately it wasn't anything serious just a hard drive failure. Hard disk failures are an annual event. I am so used to it that I didn't loose any data at all. I simply removed one of the drives from the defunct media server and place it into the desktop. In fact Palimpset had been reporting at least one drive on both those computers to be faulty but I choose to ignore it for quite a while (except for religious backing up). So it wasn't one drive that had to be chucked out but two. Incidentally, both drives were the newest drives I had. The older ones are fine. They just don't make them like they used to.


Faulty motherboard
Replacement board - as bad as the original


Finally it was the turn of the Macbook to act up. Macs are nothing but trouble, why people pay so much money for cheap Chinese crap I don't know.


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