On Java

Out of the Sandbox

Is your applet being restricted by the java sandbox? This article takes you through the steps involved in creating signed java applets that can overcome the restrictions imposed by the plug in.

J2ME and the Nokia 6600

A review of wireless application development using the nokia 6600 smartphone.

Java - Javascript interaction

Can an applet be controlled by a javascript? can an applet invoke javascript methods?

JComponent with Tiled Backgrounds

JComponents do not provide default support for creating a background with a tiled image. This article looks at how to overcome this problem.

Applets and proxies

How an applet may retrieve proxy information.

Look and Feels and UIDefaults

How do you change the Look and Feel's color scheme or icons? Read this article and find out

RGB Histograms

Building a three color histogram to display the distibution of color in an image using the Java Advanced Imaging API or Java 2D

Prime Number Hunter

A Sieve of Eratosthenes implementation in Java

Open Exam - an Open Source Java exam Application

Are you a lecturer or a student? do you need to prepare examinations for your students? or are you a student who would like to create some mock exams for practising? Then Open Exam is for you


An image editing suite that's currently under development at sourceforge

Undo/Redo and JAI

Implementing undo / redo for image manipulation with the advanced imaging API.

JNI and Applets

Who says you cannot you use Java Native Interface with Applets?