The Site with the LAMP links.

Crowd sourced traffic alerts and roadhog buster

The official website of Daya Dissanayake and also the home of the First Asian Electronic Novel. I've been the webmaster of this site since it's creation in 1998.

Rad Inks

The totally Rad Software Company. 


Which used to be my Preferred Desktop Environment long ago


This site used to be hosted on an apache web server but it was switched over to Google App Engine in 2014 and I have no idea what that runs on.


While the operating system is CentOS

For 12 long years this site was generated with PHP and that's what the P in LAMP used to stand for but now it stands for python.


Nowadays, I swear by django.

Sri Lanka Scrabble.

My kids are heavily into Scrabble.
Selected blog posts

Javascript Upload

CPU Toast

Voice Recognition on linux

*** Warning: make dep is unnecessary now.

First boot of 2.6.5


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