Two steps closer Quadruple Play

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My quadruple play at home scenario was seriously stuck in a rut until a couple of weeks ago but finally things have started to move forward.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of course was the broadband connection but fortunately Dialog Broadband stepped up and connected me up with a 2Mbps WiMax connection. that's much more than the 512Kbps SLT ADSL I have in this house. Connecting up with ADSL is like pulling teeth without anesthesia and once you get your connection you get lousy service. I am relieved that I do not need to use their services.

The second stumbling block was the fixed line itself. Fortunately Dialog Broadband does not need a fixed line. You do need one for an SLT ADSL connection and you need to wait months before the wire you up. Again it was dialog broadband that came to the rescue. I apealed to them to provide me with a CDMA connection. And they listened. I am their first customer in Colombo (where they have not started commercial operations yet)

Getting the CDMA line doesn't solve all my problems though. I still need WiFi phones for use as terminals. Much to my chargrin I have not been able to find a single supplier for them here in Sri Lanka. This is rediculous. Apparently you need a license to import anything with a radio transmitter in it (Sri Lanka is a failed state after all). No one seems to have bothered to obtain a license for WiFi phones because hardly anyone is likely to buy one. Some importers haven't even heard of them.

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