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Today, I am going to do the unthinkable and apply for an SLT ADSL connection. I was a long time ADSL user and found their services to be horrible. Their customer support is unbelievably bad, SMTP servers are frequently listed in blackhole lists and speeds very low.

Being disgusted with SLT, I obtained a Dialog WiMax connection. Getting the connection was like pulling teeth and service disruptions were worse than with SLT and customer support just as bad. Dialog Telekom, once the premier ICT company in Sri Lanka and the largest company on the Colombo Stock Exchange is now in the red. Dialog Broadband is largely responsible for that. Their services to descended to farcial levels and I gave up on them and switched to Lanka Bell.

Lankabell broadband (which is also WiMax like Dialog) is worse than the other two. Hardly a week passes by without a disruption. Usually it's hours before service is restored. Sometimes it takes them more than a full day to get online again. At other times speed drops to a crawl.

In hind sight SLT ADSL was never that bad. Though it was slow and customer support was terrible, when they had service disruptions, they were pretty quick to fix it. That's probably because they have a larger customer base and get lot of complaints. Dialog WiMax has only about 5000 users while LankaBell has only about a 1000. Looking at the poor standards they maintain it's not a suprise.

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