Mega Upload :: File Upload with Progress bar (PHP, perl and JSP)

Within six weeks from the date of it's first release megaupload became a top 1% project at sourceforge. Though the ratings dropped after a period of inactivity since November, the project has bounced back to the top 1% after new releases were made in January.

Originally created to provide a progress bar support for file uploads with php, the project has grown to cover for JSP/Servlet based file uploads as well. Plans are afoot to release a Perl version of megaupload in the coming weeks.

If you are already using megaupload I would like to hear from you and maybe even feature your site on these pages. So please write to [email protected] if you would like to share your experience or, would like to have your site featured here.

New : Megaupload PHP Edition 1.42 released. Logo 

PHP Edition

JSP/Servlet Edition

perl Edition