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The first release of megaupload JSP edition was made on 14th September 2003. At the time the project was little more than an idea. However with the release of Megaupload-J-0.10 it can safely be said the the JSP edition is now in form usable by most J2EE developers. Current version is 0.40.

While the original release used the struts project from jakarta to provide the infrastruture the subsequent release madeuse of Daniel Roca's JSP upload to actually handle the mime decoding etc. The latest version involves commons.

It should be noted that while the PHP edition of megaupload is entirely my own work, the JSP edition is built on other open source components. As mentioned above these are jakarta stuts and JSP Upload at the moment. I might decide to use an alternative library (or add support for other libraries) in future releases of the JSP edition. Logo 

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